Transportation Management

Expert Transportation Logistics


Project Management

Planning is everything

Project coordination ahead of the events with your team

Defining the first draft planning for the entire event with your team

Defining the car & drivers allocation requirement with your team (2 weeks prior to the event)

Defining car park solutions and restricted area “official pass & car stickers” with your teamDefining precise KPI’s

Organizing an on-site inspection trip for your representatives to check all pickup and drop-off sites & a brief meeting with drivers

Providing Site map (interactive maps)Car park map

Pickup / drop-off point

  • Road closures
  • Security briefing(s)
  • Daily shuttle schedule engineering

Backup solutions



We get the job done

24/7 in-house Event team support

WhatsApp group chat for communication of the teams (your team, Our Customer Care and on-site coordinators)

Live flight monitoring

Live roads monitoring (road closures, route updates & amendments, etc)

Live ride status notifications (WhatsApp, email, SMS)

Daily reporting to your team – full transparency:

  • Modifications made
  • Canceled services(s)
  • New bookings made
  • Additional charges



Automated costs reporting

  • Automatically generated all-encompassing final report
  • KPI’s fulfillment evaluation
  • Transparent calculation of all refunds and additional charges
  • Post-service debrief with your team
  • Live ride status notifications (WhatsApp, email, SMS)

Experts at the art of event transportation logistics…

Experience our

Luxury Fleet

Experience the comfort

Mercedes Benz E-Class

Business Class
1-3 Passengers

Our fleet consists of multiple high-class luxury sedans that can suit any occasion. Whether it’s the Cadillac CTS, the Mercedes E-Class, the Volvo S-90, or something more, we have you covered.

First Class
1-3 Passengers

Our First Class fleet is the latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW Series 7, or Audi A8. It can accommodate up to 3 passengers and 3 medium-sized pieces of luggage.

Green Class
1-5 Passengers

Our Green SUV Class is the all-electric five-door Tesla Model X. The vehicle can take up to 5 passengers and 5 pieces of hand luggage or 3 medium-sized suitcases.

Van/SUV Class
1-7 Passengers

Our Business Van/SUV Class is the late-model Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon, or Lincoln Navigator. It can take up to 7 passengers and 7 medium-sized pieces of luggage.